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You have doubts? Take a look at this list that we have put together with the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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  • Why make copies online?

    It is much easier and more comfortable, you order them from home and you receive them there, without queues or complications. The options are the same as in a physical copy shop, but with the convenience of uploading your files from any device with Internet.

  • What printing options can I choose?

    Once you upload your files, you can choose the type of printing you want: paper size and type, double-sided or single-sided printing, orientation (portrait or landscape), number of pages per sheet, number of copies and finishing.

  • When will I receive my copies?

    Generally, you will receive them within 24h to 96h. See our production and shipping methods page.

  • Do you make bindings?

    Of course, you can choose, in addition, between more than 16 colours of spirals, front and back covers.

  • In what format do I have to upload my documents?

    You must upload your files in PDF format. In case you have them in another format, you can use an online converter.


Our conscience is green

At Copykrea we are committed to responsible printing and always use premium paper with FSC and Ecolabel certification. In addition, for our 80 and 100 g prints we use Navigator brand paper, a company that is committed to being CO2 neutral and is a pioneer in carbon conservation projects.

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Copykrea. The cheapest online copy shop

Print Documents Online - High Quality Printing Service

Copykrea is a high quality printing service with the lowest prices on the market. And we're not lying: each black and white copy will cost you €0.065 and each colour copy €0.105. Yes, as you read (compare to convince yourself), here we neither inflate prices nor charge more for the same job.

Printing your notes, personal documents or photographs with the highest quality and at the best price has never been so easy. Do you have to study the endocrine system and want to print and bind the notes so as not to lose any paper? Are you a kindergarten teacher and want to print 100 cards on thick paper for the little ones to paint? Have you found a recipe book that you love and want a copy to learn how to cook healthier? Copykrea is your site, an online copy shop with the latest inkjet equipment, the best paper (Navigator) and the most qualified staff to make and send your copies with the best finishes and the cheapest rate on the market.

And the best is yet to come! We carefully pack your notes and send them directly to your door for just €5.95 so you don't even have to take off your pajamas. Also, if you exceed €80 on your order, shipping will be completely free.

Printing copies has never been easier: save time and money

If among the thousand daily things you have to do you have a little extra, surely you want to see the episode of that series in which you are already late, take a walk with your dog or go down for a drink. What you probably don't feel like is moving around and queuing up to print some notes. Printing in a trusted online copy shop has many advantages and the convenience of being able to do it from anywhere and receive the order wherever you want is one of the most notable.

And not only will you save time and you will be able to place your order without queues or waiting from the sofa, the bed or the beach at any time of the day (four in the morning or two in the afternoon) during the 365 days of the year, also you will save a lot of money. Because if you're going to make one copy, it might not matter too much what they charge you, but if you're going to make 100 copies it's a different matter. The costs in an online copy shop are lower because we make many more daily impressions than a physical copy shop, which is why our prices are much more competitive with equal or even better results. That will depend on what you choose, because in Copykrea you will also be able to choose all the printing settings: paper size and type, colour printing or white and black, single-sided or double-sided printing, number of pages per side, type of binding, even the colour in which you want the rings and covers.

How the online copy service works in Copykrea

And what do you have to do to print your documents in Copykrea? The process is not only very easy, it is also absolutely intuitive. You just have to upload the file or files you want to print in PDF format (if you don't have them in PDF, you can access an online converter from the page itself) and select the settings.

What are settings? Neither more nor less than the way you want us to print your files. That is, type and size of paper (A4, A3, A5; 80 grams, 100 grams, 300 grams, etc.), type of printing (single-sided or double-sided only), number of pages per side, orientation (automatic, portrait, horizontal), finishing (grouped, stapled, bound, laminated, etc.), type of binding and, if you select spiral bound, you can choose the colour of the spirals, the cover and the cover from a wide variety of shades.

Once the PDF files have been uploaded and you have decided how you want us to print them, select the number of copies you want to receive for each order (one or a thousand, that's up to you) and the final cost of your order will appear. If you agree, all you have to do is click on 'Add to cart' and that's it!

Print PDF online with your notes or personal documents

The poster for a marathon, the invitations to your wedding, the notes on Roman Law, the recipe notebook that your grandmother left written by hand and that all the grandchildren now want to have, your ID or family book, the photographs from your last vacation, a personalized booklet that you have written to your child, a crochet manual or an apocryphal gospel, at Copykrea we print any document, completely guaranteeing your privacy. All we need is for it to be in PDF format.

Obviously, you will receive your order at home packaged with total discretion and care in a box or brown envelope, that is, your neighbor will never know what is inside unless you tell him.

Order your copies and receive them at your home or business

All orders are reviewed by the person in charge of the copy shop before leaving our facilities to verify that you receive your notes or documents in a timely manner. Carefully packed in a box or hard cardboard envelope, they will arrive at your home, business or office in perfect condition and in a maximum time of 24h to 96h.

We remind you that shipping costs only €5.95 and that, if it exceeds €80, shipping is free. At Copykrea we work with transport companies such as Fedex or DHL Express, completely reliable, very fast and that arrive anywhere. Check it!

Save money and time and win in quality, comfort and customer service. Send us your documents and we will print them however you want and take them home at the lowest price on the market! Do you have more questions? Don't hesitate to ask us.