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Payment Methods

In Copykrea we have several payment methods so you can choose the one that suits you best. Our website has a 256-bit encryption, guaranteeing security during any of the payment processes.

Credit/Debit Card

We accept all major credit and debit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express by using a payment gateway. Your card details are not passed on to Copykrea and, of course, we are not responsible for their storage. As well as being quick and easy, choosing to pay by card means that the order is processed immediately.


At Copykrea, you can pay by PayPal without any additional fees. Just enter the email address linked to your PayPal account when confirming your order. Financial and personal data is automatically encrypted during the sending of any sensitive information to PayPal's servers.

You can fraction the cost of your purchase with PayPal's deferment system, but managing it directly from their platform. That is, it is not something that depends on our website, but PayPal will be the one who makes the payment and then you will be charged to you.

Bank transfer

This method of payment consists of depositing the total amount of your order into our bank account (Santander UK).  This method is slower as it requires manual verification, although the process may be speeded up if you send us your proof of transfer to [email protected].

Until the payment is reflected and validated in our bank account, your files will not be transferred to our production centre and, therefore, the delivery time will not begin to count. Therefore, if you are in a hurry to receive your prints, we do not recommend that you choose this method of payment.

However, to speed up this process, you can send us the proof of the transfer to [email protected].

You have 15 days once you have made your purchase to make this deposit/bank transfer. Once this time has elapsed, the order will be automatically cancelled.

Google Pay

You will be able to pay using your mobile phone, smartwatch or any other Android device with NFC, through your Google account. The money will be instantly transferred to your bank account. Both the use of the service and the limit of the payment amount is determined by your bank.

Apple Pay

This payment method is only available for Apple devices. You must have previously registered your bank card with Apple Pay. The money will be transferred instantly to your bank account. Both the use of the service and the limit of the payment amount is determined by your bank.


If you select TWINT as your payment method, you will be shown a QR code and a five-digit payment code. Normally, you will be redirected to the application to make the payment. The payment is automatically transferred to our account.